Learning Resources Center

As with any purchase, there are key factors to consider when purchasing  Travertine and Marble Tiles or Pavers for your project. Here in our Learning Resources Center we offer some of these factors to consider when making your decision.In addition, at Natural Elegance Collection we employ a highly trained and qualified staff of Natural Stone Specialists equipped to assist you throughout the decision making process.

  • What is Travertine?
  • Where does the Travertine or Marble I am purchasing come from?
  • Are all Travertine and Marble the same?
  • How do I know I’m getting a quality product?
  • What is the advantage of buying direct from the importer?
  • What is the right application for my project?
  • What is the difference in the finishes offered?
  • Are there different installation methods for Travertine and Marble?
  • How do I install Travertine pavers?

Purchasing Process

At Travertine Warehouse we sincerely appreciate the patronage of our valued customers. With This appreciation comes an inherent responsibility to make sure your transaction is seamless and most importantly secure. Travertine Warehouse payment security protocols surpass industry standards without compromise in order to ensure the security of your payment method and any personal information provided.

Travertine Warehouse accepts company/personal checks, bank wires, and all major credit cards as forms of payment.

Below is the Travertine Warehouse “Customer Assurance Checklist” outlining the information required and confirmations needed prior to submitting payment to complete your transaction.The “Customer Assurance Checklist” is designed with the sole purpose making your Customer Experience a seamless, secure success with Travertine Warehouse.

Travertine Warehouse “Customer Assurance” Checklist

1. Confirm Your Product Details:

  • Sizes, finishes, colors, styles, material names are correct on your final estimate.
  • The Quantity you are ordering is correct, including 5-10% extra for waste (optional), in the item line of your final estimate.
  • Price Quoted and Agreed upon are reflected on your final estimate.
  • Terms of Sale stated on final estimate have been read and agreed upon.
  • Signature of the Purchaser and Date are required on final estimate to confirm your order.

2. Payment details:

  • Your signed estimate must be received as written confirmation as acceptance of your order (emailed or faxed) prior to payment being processed.
  • Your billing details – name, full address, email, phone
  • Your chosen form of payment – VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover Card, Check, Wire Transfer*
  • Completed credit card authorization form including Estimate #, card #, expiration date, security code,total amount authorized for transaction, billing address, and cardholders signature.
  • For CC transactions above certain dollar amounts, credit card copies and cardholders identification are required.
  • Wire transfers require bank confirmation of deposited funds prior to shipment of order.

3. Shipping details:

  • Number of skids/crates and total material weight is reflected on final estimate and understood by receiver.
  • Your shipping method: business to business, residential delivery, or customer pick up.
  • Correct Ship To address and contact details for point of contact for delivery.
  • Type of  shipping service –  residential lift gate service for LTL orders is available, volume and truckload receiver is required to provide equipment to offload material at job site.

The Travertine Warehouse “Customer Assurance Checklist” is for our valued customers to provide a general  outline of what to expect during the transaction part of your customer experience. Our Natural Stone Specialist work diligently with our Customers through every step of the entire customer experience from inception to completion, answering any questions or concerns that may arise throughout.

For more information on Travertine Warehouse’s purchasing process, please Call Today Toll Free 1-866-852-6999, to speak with one of our Natural Stone Specialist.