[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Marble Mosaic Tile” alignment=”left” spacer=”line_only” spacer_position=”bottom” spacer_img_width=”48″ line_style=”solid” line_height=”1″ line_color=”#a0a0a0″ icon_type=”selector” icon_size=”32″ icon_style=”none” icon_color_border=”#333333″ icon_border_size=”1″ icon_border_radius=”500″ icon_border_spacing=”50″ img_width=”48″ line_icon_fixer=”10″]1x1-Cappuccino-Polished-Marble-MosaicMarble is one of the most enduring and beautiful stones to be used in building.   Grace your home or space with real, imported marble from Natural Elegance Collection.  Our Marble Mosaic Tiles are on a backing mesh that makes installation a breeze.  It also allows for a much quicker application of custom shapes and sizes.[/ultimate_heading]

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