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French-Pattern-EPHESUS-MARBLE-Brushed-CHISLEDThe “French Pattern” is a combination of 4 sizes sent in two bundles of multiple pieces: (4) 8×8, (2) 8×16, (4) 16×16 and (2) 16×24. A total of 12 pieces in one set which covers a 16 sq. ft. area These four different sizes are installed by following an easy “do it yourself” diagram, provided by the manufacturer and Stone-Mart.

This is a popular pattern that is designed to break up the monotony and rigid, geometric look seen in the traditional square tile installation of straight grout lines. French pattern tiles can be installed with a thin set method, as compared to a straight line of a regular straight edge tiles, (which require mud-set method), because of this, French Pattern tiles will save on installation costs as well. Installing the French pattern tile with a thin set will therefore reduce your installation costs. French Pattern Marble tiles are a great choice for any interior space.

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    Coming Soon


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