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Cappadocia Mosaic Tile from Travertine Warehouse.

2×2 Cappadocia Mosaic Tile

At¬†Natural Elegance Collection our mosaic tiles make the perfect accents for any room. Mosaic tiles usually come in 1×1, 2×2, or freestyle design on 12×12 mesh for easy installation. Due to the meshed backing, mosaics can be manipulated easily to be cut into different width of strips for your wall accents.

We carry a variety of travertine mosaics and onyx mosaic tiles to fit any design. For a more polished or formal look, an onyx mosaic tile can add just the right touch, and can be used almost anywhere, especially alongside the polished marble tiles. Travertine mosaics with their tumbled finished look will definitely be ideal for a kitchen back splash, shower wall, or for around the tub with any finished flooring tile that you might choose to go for. For example, they will give the room a nice contrast if you choose to go for a filled honed finished travertine flooring. For a more rustic look for your brushed, chiseled travertine flooring, the tumbled finished mosaic will definitely enhance that old world look that you might be looking for.

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