Tumbled Travertine Tile

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Tumbled Travertine Tiles.

Tumbled Travertine Tiles in the shade called Noce (Noche) or walnut.

Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used tiles that you might see today in modern landscaping or remodeling, because of both its unique beauty and everlasting durability against all of earths elements.  Travertine is a natural stone tile, a solid form of calcium carbonate produced in hot mineral based springs and water holes. Discount travertine is ideal for both indoor and outdoor remodeling or landscape based projects.

The surface of Travertine is resistant to heat and other natural forms of nature. This is partly due to the lack of metal content in the stone. Travertine floor tile has a natural tile non-slip surface and twice the strength of many other types of tile methods. This makes Travertine a excellent choice for any type of pool surrounds, kitchen and bathroom floors and wall cladding.

Also, we suggest using it for things like bench tops, patio and balcony flooring. Polished travertine is used in many different ways to make floors and other surfacescomfortable because it will stay cool in hot weather. Your feet or other materials sensitive to the suns ray are protected, meaning that Travertine will provide a safe walking or leisure area.

Travertine has a high natural salt resistance allowing it to be used inside your swimming pool as well as for coping and pool surrounds.

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